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A Complete Experience Of Santa Cruz Boardwalk 

By Sara Branson, Posted on 10 Jan, 2024 at 04:34 pm

A Complete Experience Of Santa Cruz Boardwalk 

A blend of nature’s bounty, and urban modification, Santa Cruz is like a field of flowers to swarms of visitors. Whether you’re an outdoor activity, enthusiast, a cultural diversity seeker, or simply in search of a coastal getaway Santa Cruz promises to deliver it all. However, the highlight of this city lies in its boardwalk. Santa Cruz Boardwalk, lines along the coastline of the beach, with an enthusiastic carnival atmosphere. Dive into the article as it goes through the best things to do in Santa Cruz Boardwalk


Start up your boardwalk Santa Cruz journey by heading over to the thrilling rides. The amusement park has a wide array of exciting rides for both adults and youngsters. The park caters to all kinds of amusement cravers, from daredevils to frightened ones. Make your way to the Giant Dipper, which is a roller coaster that will make your jaw drop. It is one of the hottest rides and once you sit down on it, you will see why this roller coaster cannot be missed on your trip here. Try out the typhoon and get enveloped in a storm of adrenaline rush as you go around six stories above the boardwalk, upside down. For a more stomach-twisting ride, head over to Shockwave, as you spin around on a wave of fun. Go to the Sea Swings and you’ll be floating in the sea air, high above the Monterey Bay, glittering below. Make sure to enjoy the Lodger’s Revenge which starts off slow, allowing you to have picturesque vistas of the glistening ocean, but as you drop you will see why it’s known as Lodger's revenge. For the young soul, head to the entirely dedicated section that has smaller fun, rides. Let the kids become captains of snug little boats as they splash around on the Speed Boats. Let the fantasies come to life at Sea Dragons, which is heading to dominate the enemies’ land. Kids can also enjoy the bouncy ups and downs on Bulgy the Whale as it dunks under the water and comes up. 


Boardwalk Santa Cruz has a vast range of games, that people of all ages can enjoy. From an arcade to miniature golf, laser tags to video games and carnival games, the Boardwalk is a fantasyland for all the Pro gamers. Save up your arcade game tickets as you can use them to buy yourself gifts or even big prizes. The outdoor games also offer prizes for participation, so you don’t get disappointed. Proceed to the miniature golf area, where both kids and adults can play, and it isn’t very costly. 


Santa Cruz Boardwalk has delish treats for all visitors. Try out yummy, crunchy corn dogs or savor the sweet tastes of deep-fried desserts, it’s all up to you. You can also find California-inspired treats such as savory seafood and delicious garlic fries. It is a must to have Marini’s fudge that melts in the mouth just right, but if it’s a hot day then grab a Santa Cruz Sno Cone so you can cool off. However, if you want a proper dining experience in Santa Cruz Boardwalk, then browse through the quality restaurants on the Wharf, which serve fresh seafood, delicious Italian, and tempting Mexican cuisine. Head to Penny Ice Creamery’s sister restaurant and The Picnic Basket, which presents flavourful sandwiches and delicious salads for lunch. Sweet tooth? Don’t worry, proceed to Pacific Cookie Company that offers an Ice Cream Sandwich made with Santa Cruz’s classic Cookie. Taste the delights of Crustin’ Crepes which presents crepes with a flavourful twist. Crepes are filled with sweet or savoury fillings and fresh teas. Got you, Thirsty? Make your way to Coca-Cola Refreshment Zone and grab your favorite beverage or drink up a local brewery from Humble Sea Brewing Co.


Sway with the crowd to the rhythm of free live music, especially on Thursdays throughout the summer at the Beach Boardwalk in Colonnade Stage. The stage is located on the beach side of Neptune’s Kingdom. Raise your hands and jump up and down to the beat of rock music bursting from huge speakers, presented by Bay Area bands. Colonnade deck picnic table seating is a perfect spot for you to enjoy the performances. Live soulful music, mouth-watering, delicious treats and the ocean vistas as your backdrop make the perfect combo for live entertainment. 



Complete your Santa Cruz boardwalk trip with free movies, after all, nothing is better than the ocean, popcorn, and movies. On each Friday night, the boardwalk showcases famous classics on a huge screen which is positioned between the Monetary Bay and the glistening lights of the boardwalk. Tag along with your friends or hang out with your family here, the fun is endless. So, pull up your blanket or a comfy chair, and munch on yummy popcorn, corn dogs, or saltwater taffy as you enjoy the movies come to life. 

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Checked out movies, music, rides, food, What’s left? Right, that's it- a relaxing getaway. Dream Inn Hotel will provide you with panoramic views of the beachfront. The hotel is trendy and offers complimentary internet service, a warm pool, and room service, all coupled with spectacular vistas. 
In a nutshell, Santa Cruz Boardwalk is a fantastic place to be. In fact, your Santa Cruz trip may be incomplete without a trip down the lane. So, strap your adventure pants and head over to the magnificent boardwalks. 

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