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The 7 Best Hotels Near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

By Sara Branson, Posted on 10 Jan, 2024 at 04:06 pm

The 7 Best Hotels Near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz is known for its legendary boardwalks and seaside charm. Tourists are naturally attracted to this wonderful hub because of its historic and thrilling seaside amusement park. The thrilling adventure this place offers is mixed with panoramic views of the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Santa Cruz is also well known for its comfortable accommodation choices. These hotels offer a great combination of luxury and comfort to enhance the trips of visitors. In this blog, we will reveal the top 7 hotels near the Santa Cruz boardwalk, these hotels promise a range of amenities to the visitors. From hotels radiating their luxurious comforts to hotels offering contemporary elegance, every single accommodation in Santa Cruz caters to the preferences and desires of the guests.


Dream Inn Santa Cruz

Situated near the Santa Cruz boardwalk this hotel offers a myriad of comfortable staying experiences to their guests. This seaside paradise provides guests with impeccable views of the ocean vistas. The lavish interior with welcoming services creates a friendly ambiance for guests to relax. The furnished and spacious rooms with huge windows offer the blissful landscapes of the shores of the Pacific Ocean's beauty and grant a great escape to nature lovers. The dining scene and tempting delicacies of Jack O'Neill Restaurant tantalize the taste buds of guests on a large scale. Guests also have the opportunity to refresh near the pool lounge. Some steps away from the ocean this wonderland offers a combined experience of allure and comfort standing out as the best spot for those looking for a great stay.


Hotel Paradox

Hotel Paradox is one of the best hotels near the Santa Cruz boardwalk. This modern allure is framed by an expansive network of redwoods granting a tranquil escape to nature enthusiasts. Hotel Paradox is a living marvel near the boardwalk with a sophisticated interior and a nice ambiance. Comfortably made-up air-conditioned rooms with awe-inspiring views elevate the experiences of guests on a large scale. The poolside region in this hotel welcomes guests to relax after their long day while witnessing the scenic beauty of the area. With various activities and conveniences, Hotel Paradox is a perfect example of comfort and nature's charm.


Casablanca Inn

Casablanca Inn is among the best hotels in Santa Cruz on the beach that compels guests to witness the incomparable and spellbound vistas of the magnanimous Pacific Ocean. This exceptional hotel provides guests with beachside peace and comfort. Just some distance away from the bustling boardwalk with lush grass-covered gardens and quiet ambiance offers a serene atmosphere to the guests. This hotel features comfortable beds and a continental breakfast. The rooms are well maintained with individualized services and a cozy environment. With huge glossy glass framed windows guests can effortlessly witness the magnificent paradise of the ocean vistas. This hotel exemplifies the glory of Santa Cruz's bustling boardwalk.


Ocean Echo Inn and Beach Cottages

If you are an individual looking for a quieter place to accommodate, this sanctuary is the best choice. This property is located within the short range of the boardwalk and provides warm accommodation in small personal cottages. Each room is glorified with different settings and offers a smooth and relaxed atmosphere. This property is a perfect doorway for romantic and intimate stays for guests and offers a blend of seaside magic with carefully decorated cherishing cottages. You can enjoy the comfort of the cottages with magnificent scenic views of the calm waves.


Sea and Sand

This hotel has the most incomparable views of the tranquil shores among the Santa Cruz hotels near Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. It provides guests with peaceful accommodations among the bustling and crowded spaces of the boardwalk. It offers guests blends of elegance, comfort, and scenic views. Each room with glass-framed windows promises guests stunning twilight views. The friendly and welcoming ambiance with understanding staff make this hotel an ideal choice among those looking for a comfortable stay. The comforting and soothing sound of waves provides a romantic escapade to the guests to a great extent.


Hyatt Place in Santa Cruz

This modern hotel located in the hub of Santa Cruz grants easy access to the splendid ocean and bustling boardwalk effortlessly. The property offers contemporary amenities like a fitness center. An outdoor pool to relax elevates the experience of guests. All rooms at the property come with a fridge, private bathroom, hairdryer, a flat-screen TV, and a seating area.


Beach view Inn

Situated very near to the boardwalk, this hotel is a beautiful modern heaven in the realm of comfortable accommodations. Its easily accessible location provides access to many Santa Cruz attractions. It offers many conveniences to guests like the free availability of Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Moreover, its capacious well-maintained, and lightly dyed rooms offer comfortable settings to individuals after a tiresome day. The hotel offers individualized services with private bathrooms in each room. To further elevate the experiences of guests the hotel promises every individual with breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean. A continental breakfast is offered every day with 24-hour reception onsite. This hotel is an ideal destination for travelers looking for a nice and warm stay.

Thus here comes the end to our magnificent journey of exploring the top 7 hotels near Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. This metropolis offers every individual with a great getaway and adventure.

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